12 February 2009

Things to enjoy...

I apparently really like lists, this blog has shown me that because my first, and now my third, posts are going to be list-like. This is a list of the things in life I am truly enjoying right now, amidst the many I am not, like 2 shots, blood work, and a sliced finger/thumbnail from shaving my legs.
I am enjoying...

- Quiddler!! Totally great, thanks Claire!
- Playing games with Cait and Matt: Quiddler, Scattergories, Cribbage, Stick 'Em, Yahtzee!!
- Lisel back in town and lunch dates
- Atomic Cowboy: bar/pizzeria/restuarant that has a huge stack of board games for customers to play while enjoying funky atmosphere
- Poetry workshop, thursday night plans (even though I am so bad at doing the poetry assignments)
- Lost with C & M, Leela's, new traditions
- Lo and her roomie love
- Red blanket
- New yellow coat I wear even when its too cold to wear it (thin and has 3/4 sleeves, but good enough!)
- H.B. (Lo, if you think about this one, you might get it)
- PLANTS!!! Avocado plants that are almost as tall as me...sort of.
- $25 electricity bill, so cheap!!
- Celeste, who keeps me warm and sings me songs and drives me around and plays in the mud
- Support of all my sweet friends, in times when I second guess and cry a lot
- Raqui's card - so sweet, I want to see pictures of you and scarf!
- Stocked pantry and freezer with lots of tasty foods
- Free rootbeer keg
- Whole Foods gift cards for my hard work and dedication
- Being appreciated, hearing from my boss that I am bragged about at work by other bosses, :)
- Yoga
- Simply Orange with Mango
- New bright red purse, huge and ridiculous!


lo.lo.cakes said...

oh i know h.b. lalala

raqui said...

yeah it finally let me comment!
i just want you to know that i love you!
and i think you are wonderful!