04 March 2009

Just for Fun

- Available: Yep...
- Age: 21
- Annoyance: Inconsiderate people
- Animal: Giraffe! or Bernese Mtn. Dogs

- Beer: Yum yum, my newest favorite is La Folie by New Belgium, a sour, citrusy beer, like champagne beer.
- Birthday: July 22
- Body Part on opposite sex: Back/shoulders : eyes
- Best feeling in the world: Being touched
- Blind or Deaf: Deaf
- Best weather: 70 degrees, sunny, slight breeze OR super rainstorm or cloudy day, it actually puts me in a good mood when its cloudy.
- Been in Love: I'm not convinced of what I think that is...
- Believe in Magic: Some kinds
- Believe in Santa: No

- Candy: Nerds, Sunny bears (Whole Foods brand gummy bears!)
- Color: Yellow, Turquoise, Fuchsia, Crimson...all colors. oh i know: jewel tones.
- Chocolate/Vanilla: Vanilla.
- Chinese/Mexican Food: Yum yum, both.
- Cake or pie: Pie! Key lime.
- Continent to visit: Ohh, Europe, its my favorite.
- Cheese: All kinds...bleu cheese is even growing on me.

- Day or Night: I am beginning to enjoy the day more and more, but I will always be a night owl.
- Dancing in the rain: Whenever it rains, which is why I am moving to place with lots!

- Eyes: I think they are green, they are probably really hazel, some people tell me they are blue (which I think is totally crazy!)
- Ever failed a class?: Nope

- First thoughts waking up: I set my alarm 15 minutes ahead so I can purposely snooze 15 more minutes, although the whole time I am just thinking of when I really have to get up. It's actually effective at waking my body up, just a little more gently.
- Food: Whole Foods consumes my life, except for the occasional bag of Doritos. ;)

- Greatest Fear: Not ever finding a companion, masks, not being true to myself
- Goals: To discover my true self and live in truth without shame
- Gum: Spearmint
- Get along with your parents? Mostly...
- Grand Kids: I want kids first, but definitely

- Hair Color: Currently: pomegranate chestnut
- Height: 5'7" and 3/4
- Happy: Almost always
- Holiday: Everyday
- How do you want to die: Peacefully with loved ones near by

- Ice Cream: Coconut or Cherry Garcia
- Instrument: I want to learn how to play piano, I hopefully will take lessons soon
- Jewelry: Dramatic necklaces and vintage-y earrings
- Job: Whole Foods: 3 hats: Store Green Mission Rep, Prep Foods Team Trainer, Fresh Pack

- Kids: A handful: Twins: Boy and Girl: Maddox and Merecedes, another boy: Kaiser...just suggestions. ;)
- Kickboxing or karate: Yoga, preferably Bikram
- Keep a journal? Numerous, but none consistent.

- Love: bears all things, believes all things , hopes all things,
endures all things
- Letter: I love letters, I love language...
- Laughed so hard you cried: Lots of times

- Milk flavor: Don't really like milk that much
- Movies: Varies: I like most kinds of movies, including some horror, surprisingly
- Motion sickness? Always! Air planes: "Is your sister pregnant?" - Flight Attendant "No, she gets motion sick" - Sisters...silly
- McD’s or BK: Gross, neither, although I do like Chick-fila a lot

- Number: 15

- One wish: To love and be loved

- Perfect Pizza: Supreme
- Pepsi/Coke: I like cherry coke, but ginger ale is my favorite soda

- Quality: Sincerity, Trustworthiness, Integrity, Honesty

- Reason to cry: Too many in the past month
- Reality T.V. : Umm, not reality but I like Lost and CSI: Las Vegas and Law and Order: SVU
- Radio Station: In the kitchen, 99.5 The Mountain or 107.5 or 95.7 the party
- Roll your tongue in a circle: Yes
- Ring size: ring finger 6 3/4, other than that varies

- Song: The Shins: Phantom Limb
- Salad Dressing: Paul Newman's Balsamic Vinaigrette
- Sushi: Occasionally
- Skinny dipped?: Yes...
- In the shower? Long and hot showers, super hot
- Strawberries/Blueberries: Strawberries, really sweet ones

- Tattoos? Yes, one.
- Time for bed: Good night: before 11pm. Bad night: 1:30am.
- Thunderstorms: Wonderful

- Unpredictable: Yeah, sometimes.

- Vacation spot(s): Greece, Hawaii, anywhere I haven't been.

- Weakness: Shoes, Forever 21, delicious food
- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: Oh gosh...I see parts of myself in all my friends, thats why we get along so well, we resonate.
- Who makes you laugh the most: Donovan
- Worst feeling: Hurting someone you love
- Wanted to be a model: Not really
- Worst Weather?: Wind! Wind! Wind!!

- X-Rays: A probably really bad for you

- Year it is now: 2009
- Yellow: So pretty

- Zoo animal: Giraffe, again.

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