21 July 2009

A Day in the Life of Kaitlin

This is a day in the life of me: photo journal version. Some new things in my life, some food that I enjoy, and some things I do for fun.

My pretty new bed sheets, so soft and smooth. 420 thread count. Sheets are totally my weakness. I love slipping into bed and feeling luxurious.

My cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches. Cukes, salt, a little white wine vinegar, cream cheese and some bread. Yum yum. And some orange cream soda from Whole Foods.

Dessert is fresh sliced strawberries with powdered sugar! So sweet and syrup-y.

Cute little undies from Victoria's Secret. Love the polka dots.

I ended the night chatting with my sweet Danica and looking at hundreds of photos from amazing women photographers. Wedding, portraits, family, engagement...these girls make art out of the everyday. Check out Amelia Lyon: http://www.amelialyon.net/
Makes me want to get married just so I can put up photos this pretty all over my house!


raqui said...

i love this. you are perfect and so damn cute and creative.

claire.vandewa said...

man, i guess its been WAY longer than I thought since I last checked your blog. OOPS! I was wondering when I would get to enjoy photo journal from your world. I love it! Thanks for sharing! Miss you!!!

Danica said...

(i also apparently had blog catching up to do!)
so honored to get a blog mention!! :)
ps. cute butt!!
pps. isnt amelia lyon fantastic? coming soon jen and i will have a website that outpasses hers in cuteness, and soon our pictures might come close to standing up to hers. :P

Danica said...

triple ps. i LOVE a-day-in-the-life-of photo stories!! thanks for posting yours!!
(proof that we are sisters: my last day-in-the-life-of photo stories also included some semi-scandalous undergarment revealment. what can i say, the myers girls enjoy their undergarments!!)