04 January 2010

The Loveliest Thing from 2009

Our first day!

This little puppy came into my life on September 12, 2009. I went to Lifeline Puppy Rescue and waited forever in line til the opened, and in a mad rush with 45 other people, we ran to the puppy cages and chose or future pups. I chose Reuben because he was sitting in the back of the cage, sleeping in the corner, by himself, not being all crazy. He was the mellow one and the one I instantly wanted. After 2 hours of paper work and training, I got to take puppy home. Then I learned...puppies are suuuuuper difficult! I was up at 4am everyday for 2-3 weeks, letting him pee, running him around, trying to get him to go back to sleep..etc. Stressful!
What I didn't realize about puppies was how hard of an adjustment they were, and with no one to help me raise and train him, I became super overwhelmed with all the work he took. Good hing I hung in there, because now he totally OWNS my heart!

Puppy on a pillow...
Puppy looking sooo cute!
Growing up and learning to sit.
5+ months and sooo big, but he looks so regal doesn't he? And he's getting lots of beautiful amber hair, but still has the cutest, tiniest, softest ears ever!

Lovies forever!

And if you haven't met him yet, I'm pretty sure its worth flying across the country! And you can hang out with me while you're here.